Wellbeing Workshops

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Mental ill health is a major absence management concern. When mental ill health affects your people, it affects your business. It reduces productivity and is a major cause of employee absence. Good employers know that it pays to look after their staff, but mental health is a stigmatised subject and rarely dealt with strategically as managers are unclear on how to identify a wellbeing strategy at work.

This is where Smashing the Stigma training comes in – training managers to start a human conversation about mental health. It’s not about turning managers into therapists but, rather, reminding them of their responsibilities. The training will include:

  • Myth busting
  • Spotting the signs
  • Starting a conversation
  • Managing mental health before, during and after absence

Available as either a half day or full day workshop



Pressure at work – and home – can often lead to stress which, in turn, can result in higher depression levels as well as reduced performance and increased absence from work. Through this workshop we will:

  • Identify the key causes of stress and what it is
  • Describe the effects of stress
  • Identify their stressors and stress drivers
  • List the things they can do to help reduce their feelings of stress
  • Develop strategies for reducing the levels of stress being experienced



Workplace wellbeing is about employers and their staff working together to achieve positive outcomes for individuals and teams. If individuals are encouraged to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing, with the support of their employer, positive change can be achieved within a progressive environment. Learners will:

  • Take time to consider personal wellbeing at work
  • Consider the implications of poor emotional wellbeing on the individual and the workplace
  • Set personal goals and objectives in relation to adapting habits and behaviour
  • Learn techniques that can improve mental heath
  • Consider the implications for colleagues and the wider workplace