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Did you know...

Poor mental health among its workforce costs employers £30 billion per year in the UK through lost production, sickness absence and recruitment (ACAS)

After taking six months’ sickness absence, only 50% of employees return to work

After one year’s absence sickness absence the return to work figure reduces to just 25%



Mental ill health is a major absence management concern. When mental ill health affects your people, it affects your business. It reduces productivity and is a major cause of employee absence. Good employers know that it pays to look after their staff, but mental health is a stigmatised subject and rarely dealt with strategically as managers are unclear on how to identify a wellbeing strategy that will work.

*Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development


Newman Health & Wellbeing can help…

Our Wellbeing in the workplace service seeks to engage and motivate your employees to ensure your organization thrives. We work by using the considerable expertise available within Newman Health & Wellbeing to deliver high quality, professionally led and cost effective services. Our aim is to help meet individual needs and, through doing so, to build healthier and more resilient organisations.

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