Counselling for Adults

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Affordable, accessible counselling for all

You or a loved one may be struggling following a life event, recognise that your life is different to how you might expect or feel lost, stuck or sad. These and other difficult emotions that we experience are useful guides to indicate counselling could be helpful.

Introduction to Counselling

Newman Health & Wellbeing Counselling & Psychotherapy offers affordable counselling to the local community. We are based in our own building on the Newman University campus in Bartley Green, Birmingham.

Newman University has been training counselling practitioners in an integrative approach for many years. Newman Health & Wellbeing Counselling & Psychotherapy brings the skills of practitioners, tutors and trainee practitioners together to deliver a professional counselling service. You will be matched to a counsellor best able to relate to you and the issues you are able to resolve.

We offer face to face, zoom call and phone counselling sessions.

How counselling can help

Counselling can help with:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression/low mood
  • Bereavement and loss
  • Trauma
  • Abuse
  • All types of relationship issues
  • Sexual orientation/gender identity
  • Stress
  • Work related issues
  • Self-awareness

Benefits of counselling

Why choose Newman Health & Wellbeing Counselling & Psychotherapy

  • Affordable counselling and psychotherapy with minimal waiting lists
  • Professional and confidential service
  • Expertise in counselling for all ages – children, young people and adults
  • Flexible appointment times – daytime and evenings
  • Strong therapeutic knowledge base – working with counsellors who have access to the latest skills and knowledge
  • Integrative approach to therapy – working with counsellors who have access to the latest skills and knowledge
  • Clinical supervision – all counsellors receive external supervision to ensure the quality of therapeutic work
  • Professional body membership –all counsellors will be members of their professional bodies and will work to the relevant professional code. Some counsellors will be working towards accreditation others will be accredited counsellors with many years of experience
  • Assessment by an experienced practitioner who will match you to the right counsellor for your issues

Newman Health & Wellbeing Counselling & Psychotherapy




  • Delivered from comfortable and welcoming surroundings with good parking facilities
  • Range of payment options – cash, credit/debit card and online

Find out more/Book a counselling assesment

If you would like to find out more about Newman Health & Wellbeing Counselling and Psychotherapy, please contact using the methods listed below:

Telephone – 0121 387 4580


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