Counselling & psychotherapy
service for children

We work with children as young as three with a wide range
of individual emotional, psychological and social stressors – both within schools and onsite

Counselling & psychotherapy
for adults

We offer appointments both onsite and within the workplace.

Wellbeing workshops

Workshops include: Smashing the stigma around mental health,
Stress awareness and Wellbeing in the workplace.

Wellbeing in the workplace

Working with a number of other wellbeing providers to deliver a range of
wellbeing in the workplace packages

Welcome to Newman Health & Wellbeing – established in 2016, we offer a range of services throughout the West Midlands aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of individuals within the local community, workplace, schools and colleges.

  • Newman Health & Wellbeing


    Our long term vision is:
    To be a thriving, collaborative and compassionate community. To deliver sustainable, leading edge services, social impact and innovation. To work within local areas within Birmingham and beyond, and To support everything we do through well informed research; providing insights for a better tomorrow.

  • Newman Health & Wellbeing


    Our consistent aim is to help meet individual needs and, through doing so, to build healthier and more resilient communities and organisations. In ways that respect and value individuals and strengthen the bonds between them.

  • Newman Health & Wellbeing


    We work by using the considerable expertise available within Newman University to deliver high quality, professionally led and cost effective services. We also seek to undertake these in purposeful partnership with those who use and fund what we are able to provide.